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Welcome to this site.

 Feel free to take a look around at the other pages as well. (See menu at top).

 The videos page shows some of the attractions I have visited, like the RAF Museum, Severn Valley Railway, Helicopter Museum and Dartmouth Steam Railway amongst others

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TV Cop Sensation!

Are TV Cops trained properly?

Has it never occured to TV cops on ‘Murder she wrote’ that everywhere that Jessica Fletcher goes someone gets murdered. She then makes it her business to ‘help’ the cops arrest someone else. Don’t they think that this might be too suspicious a coincidence?

In fact Is Jessica Fletcher one of the most prolific serial killers today?


a quote: “Don’t criticise a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes” (Then of course you can criticise him as much as you like because you’ll be a mile away, with his shoes!)

By the way I don’t claim authorship for any jokes on these pages (except the good ones of course, which are obviously mine!)




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  1. Hey Bill,
    Thank you for your comments about WordPress they were very insightful. Keep up the good work and check out my site when you get a chance as I (at this moment) am a beginner with WordPress as well.
    May the Creator bless you with long life and good health!
    Live Long & Prosper!

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