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Bill Hughes – Retired but not decrepit!

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Welcome to my site.

Feel free to take a look around at the other pages as well. (See menu at top). Some of them are feeling a bit lonely with no visitors.


A bit of information about me:

Retired college lecturer. I taught mature students on various computer courses, both for computer users and computer technicians

Interests include:

The ‘discworld’ novels of Terry Pratchet

60s music

Building my own PCs

C/C++ programming (I’m a bit rusty)



 I live near Wolverhampton just outside the green belt amidst farms and countryside. On the local area videos page of this site (see menu above)  you can see videos of some of the attractions around the area including the Severn Valley Railway and the RAF Museum at Cosford





a quote: “Don’t criticise a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes” (Then of course you can criticise him as much as you like because you’ll be a mile away, with his shoes!)

By the way I don’t claim authorship for any jokes on these pages (except the good ones of course, which are obviously mine!)


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If you like this website please share
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